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London Diary days 17 - 19
DAY 17 [FEB25]:

On Friday I met a friend of mine whom I have known for many many years and yet we somehow act a bit like strangers everytime we meet ^^
His name is James Duncan and I met him the first time at the age of 13, that was nearly 9 years ago. He was 25 back then.
Since then, we always meet for some beer or coffee everytime I am in London.
So on Friday I met him again, this time in a Pub, next to Southwark Station. We had some beer/cider and talked for 90min about everything and nothing.
Because he is used to working with wood and metal (furniture stuff) I asked him for help. I still need something to be done for my newest Cosplay which I'm gonna wear in around 2 weeks already. He said he would try bending some metal. I will visit him next week again (actually for the very first time). Hopefully it fits my shoulder...
Here you can see a reference pic of the costume. It's all about this shoulder part with all that fluffy pink <3

He also told me about Berwick Street where I could find many different shops for fabrics. I went there right after I had left. The shops were already closed... afterwards I went again to the Disney store for my Rapunzel costume as I still need Pascal, the little cute Chameleon. However, it's not available yet... They couldn't tell me a date either... Dammit...
So, actually this was already everything about that day but I wanna tell you something about James. You know, he is part of a band called "The Fancy Toys" If you are reading this and are a bit bored and maybe wanna listen to some fancy music ;D check them out!
This is their homepage:
These are some pics I took at one of their gigs:
This is their newest video:
In 2008 they were finalists in Metro's "Best New Bands" and their first video of their song "Gypsy Eyes" won the Award of best Video 2010 at the Recharged Music Awards. It's very entertaning!
You can find them on Facebook, too!

DAY 18 [FEB26]:

On Friday (see above), also my German friend Annika arrived. We both study Endlish at Dortmund University. Therefore, I met her on Saturday. Firstly, we had some coffee and spent around 2 hours talking and sipping coffee at a Starbucks at Leicester Square. Then, we were looking for some place for lunch. And finally went to Garfunkel's where we had a huge Cheeseburger with Chips each. So what should we do THEN? Feeling SOOOO full......and sleepy XD Somehow we began walking and saw the entrance of the National Portrait Gallery. We spent around an hour in there. And yes, it was pretty interesting. Of course, we didn't know even half of those people who were portrayed. In fact, we were pretty happy and felt a bit intellectual when we recognized a person's face or name. I remember a painting of Lady Montague, a lady who travelled through the Orient and the picture also showed her in oriental clothes with Indian-looking people surrounding her. Actually, I don't remember whom else we recognized but there were quite some of them. It is fascinating how the artists worked such a long time ago. Some paintings seemed so real to us like photos. Amazing. However, there were also piantings which could rather be compared to fictional drawings like Manga or something. This artist painted every person pretty the same way. The eyes looked all the same. Therefore, I could tell directly that some paintings were drawn by the same artist. It looked rather terrible and a bit creepy :D
When we left the gallery we felt a bit more educated ;3 Even if I don't remember that much ^^"
We decided to walk down to Trafalgar Square and the sky looked amazing!

Then we walked down the street towards Parliament/Thames/London Eye etc.
Annika and I decided to have some beer at the end of the day. But we needed a break and therefore we went home to Annika's B&B in the South. Because she was new in this area and she didn't have a map we got totally lost and had to ask around. Lucky every second Londoner has an iPhone :D
After a short break we went to Vauxhall, my home. I changed more or less quickly and we left again, heading towards Vauxhall Station where I met some random guy called Adam. He told us that Carnaby Street would be a lovely place to go on a Saturday eve. And so it was. We went to two different pubs, having a lot Stella Artois, Estrella and Guinness <3
It is pretty funny...this London Style.... I was wearing my new dress from River Island with only some black tights and Annika normal Jeans. We were dresses rather casual. Even more did we have to laugh when we were watching all those girls and women who were dressed........differently?!?!
It seems to be totally normal to wear at least 10cm heels maybe even 15cm and plateau! Then, no tights at all but super short skirts and dresses which covered their butt! Regardless of shape every girl was dressed like a "model"/"bitch"/"sl.... errr... and worse you know. I will NOT dress like that. I am quite self-concious and not blind like some of them XD I do not need 2t of make-up to make party XD And I'm not looking for guys anyway <3
We went home at midnight and I arrived home at around halb past 12.
Btw, I was feeling a bit ill the whole day. My throat ached you know...

DAY 20 [FEB27]:

Sunday. ACTUALLY I wanted to go and participate in some London Walk about Harry Potter :D (Hello Fandooom~ or rather Fan-of-doom >D) and I had set my alarm clock for 9am. Haha. I woke up and felt terrible!!! My throat was KILLING me like hell. I decided NOT to attend the walk and better sleep for 2 more hours. ... ... 2 more hours? I woke up at 4.30pm!!!!! WHY?! I had a look on my cell phone and went WTF! If I had been able to give some noise XD my voice was gone... I would have screamed I guess XD Oh man... I slept the whole day. And still felt horrible. I don't wanna know how I would have felt without so many hours of sleep. Guess I needed it somehow.
I got up at 5pm, took a shower and ...standing there...AGAIN went WTF! I remembered: It was Sunday. Sainsburys closes at 6pm! Ô____o I rushed into my room, dryed my hair and left the house. I returned with drinks and something for dinner/lunch XD... that wa smy stupid sunday :D

I am very sorry this entry is so terribly LONG! And I bet it's super uninteresting for you. Well, you do not have to read it do you? I just wanna still remember my stay here later on. So..... ;DDD

Kato <3


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